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Feast of Tabernacles  Paying it Forward     CD's No Longer Offered

Bill wll be giving the first sermon of the feast at the CFN site in Fort Walton Beach, Florida this year. For more information, see

Yes, we give everything away for FREE! But the only way we can do that is because others pay for your free material. Please help with a donation. Pay it forward and be a blessing. We are no longer offering CD's, but our audio materials may be downloaded or or heard to our site. Transcripts may also be read or downloaded.
 Latest Resource
Marital Compatibility - How to find it

A man once prayed that God would provide him a mate at the Feast of Tabernacles. Once he arrived, he then struck up a relationship with the first woman who showed any interest. Things progressed rapidly. They were married in a few months.

In his headlong rush, this man completely missed the fact that his bride was mentally ill. His life had become a nightmare. In a world where people meet their mates in bars and online, it would seem this man selected a good field from which to choose. He even prayed for guidance. Why, then, did it go wrong for him?

Wouldn't would be helpful to have God by our side for such a complex and important endeavor? We can, if we know what to do. Learn more about it in this presentation.

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marital compatibility