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  Taking a Look at Emotions  The Other Side of the Boat     International Orders
Emotions can cause us a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure. Learn how to increase the pleasure and decrease the pain in this new series. Watch our YouTube videos and help boost our numbers. We are now reaching out beyond church borders. You can help lend credibility by signing up. We regret that we are no longer able to mail CD's internationally. We hope people outside the US will download our mp3 and transcript files.
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Taking a Look at Our Emotions Part 1
How They Work

Emotions are strange. They can make us feel on top of the world, or like committing suicide. Some people have a very hard time managing them, while others can't find theirs. In this presentation we call on the Bible and neuroscience to make sense of our emotions. This presentation is the first in the series, Taking a Look at Our Emotions.

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