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All LifeResource Ministries Series Presentations

We cover large topics by dividing them up into a series of presentations.

On this page you will find all our series sorted alphabetically.

Baptism — The rite that begins a committment to Jesus Christ
EMDR — What is EMDR and how does it work?
The Human Condition — Understanding God's purpose in our lives
The Lord's Prayer — Jesus teaches us how to pray

This is an on-going series. As each new presentation becomes available we will post it on the front page.

The Lord's Prayer 1 - Hallowed is Your Name (12/8/2016)

The Lord's Prayer 2 - Your Kingdom  Come (12/22/2016)

The Lord's Prayer 3 - Your Will be Done (1/5/2017)

The Lord's Prayer 4 - Our Daily Bread (1/19/2017)

The Lord's Prayer 5 - Forgive us our Trespasses (2/2/2017)

The Lord's Prayer 6 - Lead Us not into Temptation (2/16/2017)

The Lord's Prayer 7 - Deliver us from Evil 3/2/2017